This product, curated by our partners, Nick & Leah, is an elevated offering in our Basic Bespoke category tailored to the needs of the emerging note writer.  

In their words...

We're thrilled to have created this chic collection of bespoke stationery with Dempsey & Carroll that’ll ensure nobody will ask, “Were you raised by wolves?”

For us, custom stationery is like ice cream. If you’re going to have it, have it. Don’t settle for the icy store brand in the back of the CVS freezer. Don’t accept frozen yogurt as “basically the same thing.” And why would you even consider granité? If you’re going to bother with the calories, we say make ‘em count and go all-in with something that tastes amazing. Go big or go home!

So, too, with custom stationery. Don’t settle for something printed on flimsy paper...don’t be fooled by thermography. If you’re going to bother printing your name on stationery at all, we say go all-in with fully engraved cards from a legendary company who’s been at the top of their game for nearly 150 years.

We’ve created three levels to choose from: Chic, Très Chic, and Magnifique.
  • The Chic cards are 3-ply, don't include a border, and the hand-lined envelopes are optional.
  • The Très Chic cards are 4-ply and include a hand-painted border as well as hand-lined envelopes.
  • The Magnifique cards are 6-ply and include a hand-painted edge as well as hand-lined envelopes.

All levels include:
-100 white cards and 100 white envelopes. They're 100% cotton and the #3 size (6-3/8" x 4-1/4”).
-Optional return address engraving.
-Shipping in 4 to 6 weeks (good things take time!) 

Your order includes a complimentary design proof 

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