The Dempsey & Carroll mission is to facilitate gracious living. We provide products and guidance to support you along your way.

We regularly field questions around what's appropriate in a number of situations.  How do I write a thank-you note? How do I deal with food allergies when I'm invited for dinner? Is it okay to bring my girlfriend to a wedding I've been invited to? We've been addressing these questions, and more, on our website, our blog and IGTV. And, still we feel like we can never cover it all.  

Late last year, one of our clients reached out to talk about ways we might work together to provide this much needed etiquette support, foster civilized behavior and facilitate gracious living to a larger audience. His name is Nick Leighton. He and his partner Leah Bonnema address life’s sticky situations in their hilarious weekly podcast. While we remain arbiters of the rules of proper etiquette and decorum, we are also realistic about the need to adapt and adjust to changing times. We are focused on #makingtraditionsmodern. Through our partnership with Were You Raised by Wolves, we are able to share a wide range of suggestions and advice to help us all live more graciously.   

We recommend listening to their weekly podcast, following them on Instagram, and for a true etiquette emergency, call their hotline (267) CALL-RBW. We look forward to sharing advice, tips, and answers to questions you may not even know you have. Please see below for a note from Nick & Leah

Thank you for joining us!
Lauren Marrus
Dempsey & Carroll

A word from Leah and Nick.....

Every week on "Were You Raised by Wolves?", we try to help make the world a kinder, more polite place by reminding everyone that good manners isn’t just about what fork to use or not taking your socks off on an airplane. At its core, it’s really just about being mindful and thoughtful of others.

This was certainly true 150 years ago when John Dempsey met George Carroll and founded their legendary stationery house...and it's just as true today.

And while there are certainly lots of ways to be mindful and thoughtful, there are few more powerful tools in our arsenal than the handwritten note. And what we find particularly amazing is that the huge impact these notes have is so disproportionate to the incredibly low effort actually required to send's truly shocking that more people simply don’t do it. But maybe they just don’t know?

That’s where WYRBW X DC comes in. We’re truly delighted to be partnering with Dempsey & Carroll to help introduce more people to the wonderful world of stationery so they can experience first hand just how life changing sending hand-written notes can be.

And now nobody will ask, “Were you raised by wolves?”

With best wishes,
Nick Leighton & Leah Bonnema