At your request your project may include list management services. An invite list is a sensitive and delicate detail for any affair. The team at Dempsey & Carroll takes extraordinary measures to ensure your privacy and that of your loved ones and guests. We discourage the use of email to share and/or distribute lists. We limit the internal exposure to the guest list to only those individuals absolutely required to work on the project with that level of detail. At Dempsey & Carroll your invitations do not leave the premises unless authorized by you for calligraphy services, delivery to a planner or the post office. Once Dempsey & Carroll receives confirmation that all invitations or announcements have been received we return the list(s) or destroy them as instructed.


Messers. Dempsey & Carroll wrote in the publication “Wedding Etiquette,” 1879, “It is questionable if any breach of etiquette is so general as that of permitting invitations to weddings to go without acknowledgement. If the courtesy of sending you an invitation has been extended, it is a mark of ignorance or ill-breeding to allow it to remain unnoticed. A form of acknowledgement now in favor is, with each wedding invitation an envelope is sent, printed on the flap:” Please present at the church with your card enclosed.”


How to properly accept an invitation:

Mr. & Mrs. George Carroll accept with pleasure Mr. & Mrs. John Dempsey’s invitation for Saturday evening, December Eighteenth.


How to decline:

Mr. & Mrs. George Carroll regret that a previous engagement prevents the acceptance of  Mr. & Mrs. John Dempsey’s invitation for Saturday evening, December Eighteenth.