Didn't send that note? Oh, we’ve heard it all:

"I didn't know how."
"I didn't know what to say."
“I didn’t have cards.”
“I didn’t have a pen.”
“I didn’t have stamps.”

Well, now there'll be absolutely NO excuses with our “No Excuses” box.

We’ve thought of everything! It contains:
-5 of our chic WYRBW Modern correspondence cards hand-painted in our custom Lupine Gray ink and envelopes handlined with our custom Bauhaus-inspired design. (They’re the #3 size, 3-ply, and measure 4 1/4” by 6 3/8”.)
-Complementary postage stamps
-Our favorite gel ink pen for effortless writing
-Nick’s Top 10 letter writing tips for impeccable correspondence
-Nick’s sample notes for various occasions: Thank You, Congratulations, Condolence, Complaint, and RSVP
-An envelope stencil for precise addressing
-VIP access to the Were You Raised By Wolves? etiquette hotline for all your questions
-A mailbox locator so you’ll always know where to go to send your note
-Dempsey & Carroll's signature blue linen box to keep everything together and always at the ready

And now nobody will ask, “Were you raised by wolves?”

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