At your request your project may include postage or delivery services of your choosing. In the event we are helping you create an invitation or announcement we will mail a test piece to ensure we are recommending the correct postage for your project. It’s our pleasure to provide the same service for both domestic and international recipients of your bespoke piece. Your curator will work with you to select postage and/or label solutions for your project embracing the form and design of your affair or announcement. Every detail will be orchestrated to complement your design aesthetic.


Messers. Dempsey & Carroll wrote in the publication “Wedding Etiquette,” 1879, “The first thing to be done is to make out the invitation list very carefully and alphabetically from the visiting list. Only one person should be entrusted with the task of writing the invitations; if more do so, confusion is sure to arise. Only the other ay a lady received by the same post three invitations for one party, one being in the handwriting of the hostess, the others in that of each of her daughters.”