A few little details to cover to make sure we're all on the same page with what's included in your Basic Bespoke #3 Correspondence Cards order....

Here's the nitty gritty of it all...Your order will include:

  • The paper: our most popular 3-ply (96 lb paperweight, if you know what that means, if you don't just take our advice here!) in white or ecru
  • The size: 6-3/8" x 4-1/4"
  • The envelopes: plain envelopes that will match the color of your cards - white with white, or ecru with ecru
  • The plate: what's a plate?! An engraving plate is what we use to stamp your name onto your new cards. Your order includes a one-line engraving plate. 

Just a little bit more to tell you...:

  • The layout and typestyle:  we have six options for you to choose from (you're welcome!).  Please review all layouts to the left on your screen. What you see (with the exception of the name) is what you'll get. Nothing here is interchangeable. 
  • The ink color:  we have 3 ink colors available - black, gray, and red. All classic and all great options. 
  • The quantity: here's the fun part and where we really tried to treat you. You can choose 50, 100, or 200...So, go ahead, pay less than $5 a card, if you choose the 50 quantity option, and if you choose the 100 quantity option (recommended!) you're at $2.95 each.  Feeling the love here? Go for 200!

Want to know more about Basic Bespoke? Check out our video here and shop the entire Basic Bespoke family here!

Now let the fun begin!